Carpet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Carpet Spots and Spills

Almost every carpet has to face Spots and Spills. They can be difficult to remove. Clean the Spots and Spills immediately. When they are fresh, they are easy to remove and you got a good chance to remove them totally. There are nunber of tips (by cleaning the Spots and Spills:-

  1. Before applying any carefully scrape the entire area. Then remove as much as spill as possible.
  2. Test the cleansing solution before using it. Test it on some inconspicuous area of the carpet to check that the solution won’t damage the carpet.
  3. Make sure that do not rub the spill. By rubbing that might spread the problem.
  4. While applying the cleaner, always work from the outside of the strain towards the inside. After applying the cleansing solution, immediately blot up all the moisture.

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